Primary Funding

Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation

David and Lucile Packard Foundation

The Foundation provides grants to nonprofit organizations in the following broad program areas: conservation; population; science; children, families, and communities; arts; and organizational effectiveness and philanthropy. The Foundation provided a 20 million grant over five years and between four universities to support PISCO. The Coastal Biodiversity Surveys have been funded in part through an affiliation with PISCO.

Minerals Management Service

The Minerals Management Service, a bureau in the U.S. Department of the Interior, manages the nation's natural gas, oil and other mineral resources on the outer continental shelf. Within its purview are research programs to increase the level of understanding of marine and coastal ecosystems and the potential effects of oil and gas activities on these systems. SWAT researchers collaborate with MMS on their Shoreline Inventory that comprises three types of projects: 1) long-term community surveys, 2) comprehensive surveys of biodiversity and habitat associations, and 3) resurveys of historic Bureau of Land Management inventories. The overall goal of the Shoreline Inventory is to provide co-funding for the most comprehensive, long-term and spatially expansive monitoring program ever designed for the intertidal areas of the West Coast of North America.

Other Support

California State Parks

Gulf of the Farallones National Marine Sanctuary

Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary

National Park Service

The Nature Conservancy

Oregon State Parks

University of California Natural Reserve System


UC Mexus

San Miguel Island